Terms and conditions for installations without contract

  • no-contractThe installed equipment has a warranty of 12 months from the date of installation.
  • From the date of installation the equipment belongs to the customer, the customer has no obligation with Wifi-Blue SL
  • The warranty is declared void if the equipment has been opened or tampered with by someone other than the technician Wifi-Blue. It is not allowed to access or change the settings of any installed equipment and NEVER press the reset button, as the equipment loses all its configuration.
  • Wifi-Blue is not responsible for factors beyond their control.WIFI-BLUE has a margin of 48 working hours for any incidence on the network.
  • Customer agrees to charge of transfer and technical service work, for any incident that is not fault of WIFI-BLUE.
  • WIFI Blue can only secure Internet connection at the address of the original installation, if moving house there is no guarantee of coverage. If the installation is possible, reinstallation price is 50 € plus the necessary material.
  • WIFI-Blue does not accept returns or refunds past 15 days from the  installation.
  • The username and password is only for personal use, and it is forbidden to share this information. The client agrees to keep all the keys related to their connection in a protected location.