Why does the WIFI signal become weaker?

When connecting the cable, in many cases we can see the noticeable speed increase; This is because in most cases the quality of the signal from the router to the computer is not optimal with a consequent loss of data transfer.
Another reason why the signal may be weak is the number of access lines that are playing on the same band creating interference signal, the latter problem is one of those on the rise lately because of the number of WIFI networks available in the same building or close to you location.

How to solve the problem of WIFI and connection speed?

If you have this problem you can fix approximating the router to an area of your home where you do not have many walls in between, the center of the house is often a good solution.

Avoid interference with other appliances: devices such as cordless phones can cause interference because they use the same channel to transmit and receive signal. If possible, do not submit it together. Other devices that can cause problems are microwave.

Reposition dense obstacles in your  home that is in the path of the WiFi signal so it can reach the devices. Some common household obstacles including mirrors, metal file cabinets, kitchen appliances, bathroom accessories and furniture. Basically anything metal, brick, stucco, porcelain, ceramic or wood may slow or stop WiFi.

Elevate your WiFi router from the ground or a metal surface. For best reception, place the router on a wooden table or desktop. WiFi can usually pass through soft materials such as books and wood without too much trouble.


Restart your  Router frequently. The router is working tirelessly 24 hours a day and, from time to time, require a restart to avoid problems. To reboot the router simply unplug electricity.

Never press the reset button! it would lose all the settings on your router.

Your network is secured with WPA security password and nobody can connect without your permission. We recommend you keep your keys in a safe place.

The problem with your network may not be the router, or its location, but the wifi adapter for your device. In addition to checking the drivers, you can change the antenna. There are several models of USB antenna to amplify your signal.